• Statutory audits under applicable law.
  • Migration audit, Information Systems audits.
  • Audit of Education Institutes, Limited Companies, Firms, Banking companies, Government establishments, NGOs, Proprietary concerns, etc.
  • Con-Current, Internal, Stock and Security audit of Nationalized Banks, Co-Operative Banks, Scheduled Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • Audit required by the management for specific objectives in the areas of interest of the management, under specific terms of reference and of specialized nature e.g. inventory audit, audit of royalties.
  • Audit of entities as required various Tax laws in India viz. Central Excise Act, Income Tax Act, Sales Tax Act, Maharashtra Vat Act.
  • Audit of the trust and societies. Audit of projects.
  • Assisting Corporate and non Corporate entities in the maintenance of accounts and comply with the Local and Central Tax Laws prevailing In India.
  • Pre-audit review of accounts, preparation of final accounts viz. Balance sheet, Manufacturing, Trading and Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow, Fund Flow in accordance with legal requirements and mandatory Accounting Standards issued by the Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India so as to facilitate the smooth completion of internal, statutory audit by an Independent auditors.
  • Investigations, Certification for various purposes.
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